Saturday, November 28, 2015

Inquisitiveness - What is killing it?


A powerful word for the human kind, as it is the own species which is endowed with a great faculty called thinking. This is the only quality that differentiated and gave all-conquering power to the human being. 

We can differentiate between right and wrong, and can understand what is good for better living. It is very clear that every human being is working or living with a hope to achieve state of contentment and happiness in life. In that process, the deviations in the form of materialistic attractions deprive them of energy to go further on the path of what they are set out for. 

Every child has a commonality. That is explore every second of their existence. Unless they are asleep, they continue to look for answers to many questions that are coming up like waves in an ocean. What is surprising is, they continue to ask till they are satisfied. Which means, they need to understand and it is very important that we explain them in the way they can understand. This is the most difficult task. We have to come to a stage as they are and see the situation as they see, but explain them lucidly. 

Till two decades back, the families had elders with them and they used to take most of the burden in this direction. Particularly the women. They, with so much patience, used to teach informally and that knowledge helped in formulating quick healing solutions, nutrition, gardening, pest control, seasonal diseases and their remedies and many more. 

Today, the kindergarten schools are a far cry from such a family system, as they miss the most important ingredient - Love. From the moment a child boards the school bus in the morning, yes, the small kids also go by school bus, till the time they come back, the important ingredient misses and the whole life they will be yearning for the missed part. This loving part is very critical in the growing up stage and that is the only thing, probably, which will separate out good human beings from others. As they grow, they are evaluated based on few grades or marks, which is very heinous as no kids are same and they may have different abilities. On few common areas, by making them write without understanding what they are reading, and evaluating them on what they wrote is nothing but criminal. We need better schools and teachers who can identify the speciality of each kid and groom them supporting them. The curriculum must be in such a way that helps a happy all round growth for kids. Today, we only show materialistic fulfilment at a distance, and ask our kids to run towards them, and give them a cooler called competitive world. Pity those kids. 

Parents have a great responsibility towards nation and they need to ensure their kids turn in to good human beings understanding their responsibility in nation building. That is the reason, knowing that parenting is critical, in our traditional systems, the Guru used to decide when a person needs to get married. Today, marriage has become a need and people go through the motion without understanding what their responsibilities are. Unfortunate. 

It is time, we look at our traditions and wake-up atleast now and start working towards betterment of all human kind rather than selected few. For this, we need to start evaluating the condition of our faculty called INQUISITIVENESS and start waking it up and start questioning everything we are doing to decide how far it is going to help in our progress or whether we are working against it, by blindly choosing to follow what others are doing. 

Jai Sai Master!