Monday, August 20, 2012

Is it possible to live as my grandparents lived now?

Jai Sai Master!
  • My grand father was so healthy that he used to eat ghee every day. Today, if I eat ghee every day, I will get cholesterol  What a life!!
  • My grandma used to cook for 40 to 50 people everyday. Today, I can't even cook for 4 of my family. What a life!!
  • My kid has serious constipation issue. I never had all those and my mother had all those recipes for quick relief and sometimes permanent cure. We used to eat home made powder from spices for mouth ulcers. Today I am forced to take B-complex tablets because I do not know how to make it and when to eat it.
  • Papaya, they say should not be taken all the time. But my father told me that it is one of the best fruits, and he used to feed us regularly. 
  • Today, the fruits and greens we buy in the market, do not have any thing in them. My house in my village used to have all these in our back yard. Today, we do not have any place around my house to grow any of these. What a bad luck?
  • I just can not get time in a day. My grandpa used to do so many things every day without complaining of knee pain or back pain. Probably because, the place we lived was small and not much of work pressure then. What a life?
I hope many of us will agree with atleast one of the above. If yes, then this place is for you. For those who are yearning to live a healthy life, whereever we are now, even on mars, we can turn it around with little effort. What we need is - Zeal to learn and go back to our roots for solutions which are not connected to money or economics, but pure love and care. Let us start our journey on various topics touching protecting health to growing vegetables in our own window sill to making simple home made medicines from our kitchen cabinet. 

Let us touch the hearts of our grandparents and grandest parents and most of all, our AMMA, for those simple recipes. 

Jai Sai Master!!

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