Monday, August 27, 2012

Bridge between two generations....!

Jai Sai Master!

Three generations earlier, when any story was told to children, it always ended up with the common sentence, "they lived happily ever after". However, today, there are neither stories nor such happy endings. What is the difference? Technology has gone up, speed has gone up, ability to search and find has gone up, every system has increased by many folds. Then where did those happy endings disappeared? Under all those technological developments. 

We are not happy or contended. Those who say, "I am happy now and living peacefully", is only ascertaining many a time during the day, otherwise, they are not going to function as normal people. We have more comforts, but those comforts have taken away our peace. Instead of being a bridge between the past generation and our next generation, we are trying to be destroyers of the relationships. Everyone thinks of "those good old days". Why not good times now? Where is the root cause? 

It is within us. We have no clue what we want and are being washed away in the technological tsunami. Every moment, we have something or other to think of, without which we will go crazy. Once a land of peace, a beacon for the spirituality, is being pulled down by those who do not understand the difference between the spirituality and blind beliefs under the guise of religion. We live so mechanically, in such ignorance, that we do not want to promote openness even within our families. There are no more homes, but just houses with lots of wishes. If our kid gets fever, we worry so much and rush them to a multi-speciality. Our older generations never did that. They never reacted, but acted very responsibly. They never took their kids to parties or exposed them to pubs or parties. The elders in the house protected them and imparted enough knowledge. Today, we shun it with various names. 

It is time to re-write our books to impart the right knowledge which need not be imported, but exists very much in India, the land known for its knowledge base which it exported to the world. Let us start looking at ourselves with confidence, let us look back at our own previous generations, love them and learn from them to pass on to the next generation, so that the knowledge lying dormant, comes up to light up the whole world. Let us re-focus and re-orient ourselves and be HUMANS.

Jai Sai Master!!

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