Friday, October 5, 2012

Amma...Mother...Thaaye...Nature--- different names for the same energy!

Jai Sai Master!

Everyday, from a new born to the grown-ups, we use one word so much - AMMA. Be in any language, be any form you call, this is one word that you feel close to. You feel so close that you share everything. The place given to this word, is second to none, which shows the importance the role is playing in everyone's lives.

Fortunately, in India, or eastern countries, the emotional bonding is spoken very high of and with west being pervaded with such influences, the taste of mother has been passed on to, mostly less emotional countries. For us, we do not know why we need to celebrate Mother's day, but go through the motions following some western culture. Because, we never felt separated from Mother, never felt the need not to be thankful to her explicitly every moment and every day. Mother is what we inter-twined our lives so much. Even in wife, many would like to see the mother and hence the dependency comes so much. Mother is love, mother is compassion and with mother, we get our comfort.

It is with her, that we learn the art of living, for she is the guiding force to learn the art of chafing the good from the rest. Hence, same name is also given to Nature, which has an art of separating out good from the rest and give to us. She is all compassionate inspite of us mishandling the warmth or love. Her yearning is much too deep to understand for anyone. She never thinks of harming anyone, even if they think of harming her. She rarely expects returns, any in materialistic terms, but only yearns to be with the sons and daughters. 

Probably the best way to show our gratitude to her is to remember what we got from her every moment and every minute and do what she does for every son or daughter, without any differentiation, by sharing the LOVE and BEING COMPASSIONATE. 

Be the best sons and daughters to make her proud, for then she will be hailed as best in the world.

Jai Sai Master!!

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