Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What are we ignoring while educating our children?

Jai Sai Master!

Techno schools, IITs, NITs, IIMs or any other- aim of any of these or intent of any of these is to help in becoming a HUMAN, by understanding of various facets of life, imbibing values and ensuring knowledge transfer happens seamlessly from generation to generation. 

However, today, one look at our education system will a rude shock to anyone who is looking at few years hence. With more specializations, lack of time in understanding the concepts, focusing only on materialistic gains which carry short term, prone to health issues etc.. More stress is on the external rather than internal. It is not difficult to understand how cruel certain methods could be, for any parent. However, they become mute spectators infront of the only thought that flashes in their mind - KIDS BRIGHT FUTURE. However, no parent can say today that their kids are better off than themselves when it comes to feeling contentment or satisfaction that they escaped all these modern "troubles". Science has progressed a lot bringing with it changes in the way we see or talk or eat or even sleep. But hardly they are used for betterment of life. Instead, humans are getting more and more frustrated with their lives and seeking more and more, with no focus. This is only helping bringing down the family structures which are the building blocks of a good society.

Every day, we see kids being tucked in to vans, autos and other kinds of transport with shoes and with tie..But, no parent has asked why all these for a kid to learn. The mind of a kid is filled with fear of teacher scolding them for not bringing a paper or not wearing shoe, but never free of tension to receive what they are teaching. Don't parents know this? Are they not aware? NO. Majority of parents in the society are busy with  their own world, and kid is only an extension. In the current generation, in most of the urban couples, the maturity to bringing up kid is one thing that is lacking. One look at how 40 to 50 years back, woman brought up 10 or 12 kids, shows that today's woman is not capable. May be because the husband is not bothered after the woman conceives or feels it is not a manly work, fails to extend the necessary emotional support to the woman. With more and more nuclear families, for every small issue, parents run to the nearest clinic, where a doctor who passed our with compartmentalised mind, treats with the issue once explained by parents. Since he is not trained to understand the psychology of a small child, he treats them as patient. with more and more drugs coming in, the kid grows up with many impacts of the same. 

This is one of the fundamental issues of today's society. As we are busy "making" the next generation, we are forgetting to give them right tools. We are infact are trying to make them imbeciles, scaring them with so many of our idiotic beliefs in the name of religious practices, not explaining them about our value system or cultural heritage (mostly because we do not know). The need of current times, is to stop this decline and put the clock back to help create a better society. Educating today's parents, atleast now, in the art of bringing up the children, making them aware of our rich heritage and value systems, importance of giving lot of time to kids. Infact, they are the priority in our life...as they are future of our society. 

We need to look up to some of the families which still are preserving those traditions, or seek from those who know these authoritatively and can explain. Let us bring back the old glory by giving attention to our children rather than flowing-along. 

Jai Sai Master!!

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