Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wisdom from Mother - Sharing to reduce the burden !

Jai Sai Master!
In today's world, food, health and energy are given top priority by all nations as they understand the demands of growing populations. Land is becoming scarce and resources need to be divided between many. However, one solution does not fit all, as every child of mother is different. Different nations need different solutions though the final objective could be the same. In all these nations, one of the burning issues which is being swept under the carpet without giving too much attention across is - waste. A word, which does not have place in a mother's lexicon, is becoming a major issue and infact, this very thing is impacting all the three mentioned above. 

Nature is quite interlinked and any deviation will be dealt with severly. There are no short-cuts for bringing it back and only long winding solutions. That too, if there is no further deviation. However, in today's world, the deviations are becoming many and also highly interlinked. Thus, the solutions being provided are becoming less and less effective. 

There is no such thing called waste in general. What is not required for one may be useful for someone else. But finding that someone is what is causing the unused items to get piled up and interaction with natural elements is leading to pollution. Be interaction of unused items with soil, water or air. That is the reason why there is no single solution which can help all across and only micro solutions help the macro picture. Micro solutions could be lead by the local people who are driven by the need to minimize the impact of pollution on food or health which directly impacts them. 

One of the few solutions can be obtained by a simple thing called "sharing", which was in vogue in small towns and villages couple of decades back. Even today, though the need exists, the chain to connect the needy places is what is missing causing the unwanted material piling up in many places, which is leading a big problem. We must establish the chain back in our own backyard, be a rag picker chain to collect and recyle valueable material, creating small compost pits to generate fertiliser for our urban gardens, growing vegetables in our balconies to cosume the compost, not buying unnecessarily or buying only after disposing off or after deciding to dispose off excess. If every house hold does these things diligently, the results will be multi-pronged, achieving so called "waste", downward slide of vegetables, less and less dependence on doctors to mend our deviated health. We do not need oats or noodles (which will generate some plastic and impact our health due to adulteration sometimes), but can happily munch on greens growing in our own balconies. 

There is only one way to go forward - holistic approach to life. It is simpler and puts less pressure on how we are living. It can have a positive effect on the way we are looking at our jobs too. We need not be afraid of meeting our needs. 

No big words, but small actions. Let us look at possibilities of living more holistically to achieve sustenance. 

May you all become real children and may you all give back to your MOTHER, a hope of seeing better future.

Jai Sai Master!!!

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