Friday, October 31, 2014

Thank YOU !

October 30th, 2014!

A day, which I am sure, will be remembered by many, as the day on which Sri Sai Master's jayanthi, and a unique one on which, the date, thithi and the star, all happened to be on the same day. A wonderful day.

But for a handful, it is a much bigger day. A day on which they got to spend in the divine presence, which can never be understood by those handfuls. A unique opportunity, for those blessed souls, who came from different backgrounds, different cultures, different purposes, all aligned for one simple cause - of staying close to Ammagaru's family. 

Groups exists in many places, and they live with a purpose. However, when the purpose is beyond materialistic, the group sustains and...flourishes to take up tasks or indulge in activities which for a normal eye would appear to be strange and infact, crazy. But, in this present world, alignment with nature itself is considered crazy and disastrous. Those who are in the thick of such things can try to express the happiness within to certain extent as it is beyond words. This is what probably happened in the presence of some of the Mahatmas, like Bhagavan Ramana or Shirdi Sai Baba etc.. No one can even understand the positive consequences that it can have on the generations to come. The way Sri Shirdi Sai Baba said (as quoted in Sri Sai Leelamrutam), what we do as parents now with bhakti will protect our next generation as our puja to any Lord will be for HIM only, the one who is one with the Universal Consciousness. 

Those who are around, hopefully remember October 30th, 2013 had been. A day on which handful of few had the opportunity to have darshan of Divyajanani. Again on October 18th, 2014, a day, one can say the sheer strength of mind over body, brought HER to our midst. It was a day, which will be etched in memory for many and those who are present, can never express their gratitude in any way, however much they do, to Lord, for what they got. Only thing all of us who are present can do, is to just follow what was told which is very much in our hands.

The ONE in Many Forms!
However, for giving such an opportunity to us and our generations, what is that we need to give in return in the form of dakshina? That is the most important point for everyone who is seeking blessings. When we are invited to share the joy or when we are in need and if someone helps us, we show our gratitude to them in various ways. If someone is constantly guiding, supporting and moulding us, and our families, then how should we show our gratitude? That is the key here. We must always remember in every act of ours that we are here to serve in whatever capacity we can for HE has given us such an opportunity. Serve others, serve the right cause, do whatever. In every step, remember how much we are blessed. This thought slowly transforms one to help look at the world with a compassionate view and it moulds us to be a human being. naturally!

Thank YOU! 

A word that should etch in our mind and flow continuously for giving us air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, place to sleep, clothes to wear and above all, opportunity to give back to nature in some form or other. What we need to do is...just do the right thing with right attitude!

Jai Sai Master!

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