Thursday, November 6, 2014

Permaculture – A myth or the solution?


In any form, across the world, is the most critical part of everyday’s life. Our everyday struggle, is only to ensure we have food to satiate our hunger. Animals never bother about the next meal, but a human being does and this is what is forcing everyone to work towards food security. But, the thin line between greed and need, is changing the way we are working for it, even though we know that small quantities are good enough to sustain happily.

The greed forces people towards stashing away or hoarding, and making sharing a less travelled path. This increases the parity between humans, differentiating them as rich and poor. But the irony is, the one who actually produces, is always remaining as poor. The system is so mired in the artificial layers created by the “smart” people, who tend to become rich at the cost of the producers. Unless there is abundance in food and less need for buying it, the parity will not come down. But is this possible? YES. An emphatic one too.

This is the only smart solution for the critical problem. Small, manageable, local and connected to big chain of food production. Unless every individual, every family, every community and every town does not start thinking about how to do this, we are sure to face chaotic situations worse than what we are witnessing today. Unless we integrate generation of food or part of the supply chain, we can not escape the on-coming logical end. But how to do this? Can everyone afford a garden? What about water requirement? We are staying in an apartment, how can we grow when we have space constraint? What if we do and the neighbours do not, and they start enjoying what we did? These are some of the basic questions that ring in everyone’s mind in the present day. There are solutions for everything and everyone if they start looking in that direction. The nature’s science helps to make sure everyone participates in this big venture, and this can only be a joint venture.


A science, which talks about making sustenance a central axis, gives variety of solutions which when implemented brings out the abundance as naturally as it exists. Understanding this science and learning the art of designing around the fundamental elements, is the key for this small step. If we can afford to put one step, nature will support by giving the abundance. All we need is – take the small step.

(to be continued....)

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